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Medical Billing News

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3 Steps For Successfully Appealing a Takeback Request

The takeback, clawback or otherwise known as overpayment recovery, is an unwelcomed request to receive from an insurance provider.

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7 Common Medical Billing Modifiers

Accurately and efficiently processing medical billing claims is an important goal for nearly all healthcare offices. The correct use of modifiers is an important part of the revenue cycle management process.

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Advice for Increasing Your Practice's Reimbursement Rates

When looking at a medical practice's financial statements, the importance of the revenue generated from an insurer's reimbursement rates quickly becomes apparent.

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I-DD Waiver Provider Agency News

Graph showing increase
Funding Increase for Ohio Provider Agencies: DSPs, ICF & HPC Services

Ohio provider agencies are underfunded, but they still work diligently to deliver supportive services. However, there have been some recent increases in funding.

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Individual with caregiver (DSP)
More Funding for DSPs and Home & Community-Based Services

DSPs (direct support professionals) and similar direct care staff who provide services for Ohioans with developmental disabilities, may soon receive a pay raise.

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Compassion Fatigue: Reducing Stress for DSPs & Direct Care

There are many demands placed on direct care staff, which can create stress. DSPs need strategies for dealing with the expectations placed on them.

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Behavioral Health News

Type 84 & 94
Ohio Type 84 & 95 Providers: Community Behavioral Health Centers

One of our specialties is delivering revenue cycle management services for behavioral health and community behavioral health centers (CBHCs).

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TMS Therapy
Submitting Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Claims

Submitting medical claims for TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) therapy is sometimes a challenging task for psychiatric practices and other medical centers.

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Addiction Treatment Billing
Addiction Treatment Billing: CPT Codes, Site of Service & ASAM

There are many components that make up the billing process, including accurate CPT and HCPCS codes, place of service requirements and ASAM levels of care.

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Healthcare Industry News

Recession's impact
How does a Recession Impact Healthcare Providers?

Sometimes the impact of a recession is not initially visible in the healthcare industry. It is not always clear as to how an economic slowdown impacts healthcare.

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Educating patients
Provider Advice: Educating Patients About Their Health Plans

Medical providers assume that their patients understand their insurance plans. However, health professionals are finding that they need to educate their patients.

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Ohio health systems
Major Ohio Health Systems Expand Their Presence in the State

Cleveland Clinic, OSU Wexner Medical Center and OhioHealth have all expanded, or plan to, expand their healthcare delivery footprint in the state of Ohio.

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