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eWebSchedule: Workforce Management Software. Designed for the unique needs of I-DD Agencies. Quickly create and modify employee schedules as well as easily generate billing invoices.
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I-DD provider agencies: workforce management tools with integrated EVV capabilities. eWebSchedule helps waiver provider agencies deliver exceptional service to the individuals that they serve.

Account Management

Manage employees, staff hours and service delivery. View overtime and service utilization before hours are submitted.

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Generate Payroll Hours

Flexible and robust solutions that integrates with a variety of payroll applications and vendors. Gain control of your data.

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Compliance Monitoring

Make sure all DSPs are up-to-date with their training requirements. Everything from initial training to background checks.

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Messenger Console

Improve communication with your staff. Have the ability to instantly communicate by text and email on any subject at any time.

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Time Collection

Create billing entries based on approved documented work time, with every billing unit supported by documented time.

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Workforce Scheduling

Quickly create & modify employee schedules. Reduce conflicts, manage EVV data, identify gaps in service coverage.

We Help Provider Agencies

RevUp Billing's eWebSchedule helps agencies of all sizes stay optimized and in compliance. Reach out to us to learn more.

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Reliable, Accurate & Affordable

Software solutions that are specifically-designed for Adult-day programs, Non-medical transport, ICF/DD (Group Homes), Supported living and Institutional respite.

DSP Scheduling

Quickly create or modify employee schedules, payroll expenses and easily generate billing invoices. Receive real-time text and email alerts. Automate all future scheduling updates.

Solves Problems

Easily and quickly perform employee time-off requests and shift exchanges. Discover gaps and overlaps in service while assigning separate hours for "on-site" vs "on-call" staffing hours.

Multiple Locations

RevUp Billing's cloud-based software allows you to manage multiple sites or locations. Our EVV component operates at locations with intermediate or interrupted internet access.


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Our Motivation

RevUp Billing understands the time and effort required to keep an organization running smoothly. We used to spend countless hours ensuring that shifts were filled, overtime limits maintained, eliminating double shifts, etc. However, even with the most careful attention to detail, scheduling conflicts and problems still occurred.

We decided that there was a better way to create quick, accurate and dynamic staff schedules. This is why eWebSchedule was created. We wanted a user-friendly, cloud-based system that everyone could use. It is an effective staffing solution that makes it easy to quickly generate accurate employee schedules and work hours.

Focus on more important matters, like providing great service to the individuals that rely on your agency.

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eWebSchedule: Frequently Asked Questions

Our service plans range from streamlined EVV only subscriptions to Premium Account Management packages.

RevUp Billing's eWebSchedule software is a cost-effective system that works in real-time and is simple to operate. eWebSchedule is quick to implement and will improve your organization's efficiency. Our eWebSchedule solution is EVV compliant and uses Ohio-based tech support. Our (eWeb) mobile app captures EVV visit data and works both in and out of internet service coverage.

Our system allows a supervisor to see who is scheduled from anywhere, at any time. When needed, quickly adjust schedules and stay connected. Quickly spot scheduling errors while matching staffing levels to fluctuating work demands. Easily analyze the hours worked in order to increase productivity and safety. Beyond analyzing staffing patterns, eWebSchedule enables supervisors to manage multiple locations. Supervisors and DSPs are instantly notified about schedule openings and new updates.

Whether employees need to request time off, exchange a shift with another employee or clock in -- they can quickly do this in just a few seconds. Employees are now aware of available shift openings and updates. This helps staff members feel more empowered and part of the overall scheduling process.

Overall, supervisors still maintain control of the process and have numerous customizable options. Managers have the ability to decide whether their staff can "post" and/or "trade" work shifts. Control options also exist that require supervisor approval for all shift modifications.

Valuable time is saved due to the fact that staff scheduling is more quickly and efficiently completed. Our eWebSchedule system includes a “staff analysis” tool that allows managers to easily monitor schedules. Any back-to-back shifts as well as over or under staffing patterns are quickly discovered. Supervisors can use the “hour analysis” graphing function to accurately identify overtime situations. Excessive overtime is minimized, while employees who possess available hours are readily detected.

Over the long-term, the integrated features and intuitive design reduces overall workload. The unique design reduces the amount of time required to create and manage employee schedules. Staff members provide their own availability, while submitting final schedule changes to their supervisor for approval.

These features save time for managers, while still providing them with final editing control over staff schedules. The scheduling process is uninterrupted, and a level of stability is maintained. Even when there is staff turnover in management positions.


As the state of Ohio is always changing procedures, they are always on top of it and communicate to us what we need to do. If any of our forms need to be changed, they prepare it for us and get them to us in a timely manner.

North Canton, OH

Our staff can now check their schedule and find their own coverage when the need arises. They can also, use the website to pick up additional hours or request time off. But we still have control of the overall process.

Director of Supported Living
Toledo, OH

RevUp Billing has been with me since my DODD agency expanded to the size it is now. They handle my "clock-in" system (Electronic Visit Verification) and Medicaid billing. They have helped me so much that I can't thank them enough.

Life Changing Care
Cuyahoga County, OH

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