EVV & Billing Services for Ohio Medicaid Waiver Providers

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The Ohio Medicaid Waiver program is a critical program for individuals with developmental disabilities. RevUp Billing is proud to provide software as well as billing services for agencies that deliver these vital supports to this community.

RevUp Billing has delivered account management, agency-focused billing services and workforce management tools since 1997.

Help for I-DD Waiver Provider Agencies:

RevUp Billing helps Medicaid waiver providers reclaim lost time. Our experienced and friendly staff understands the unique billing requirements and challenges facing Waiver provider agencies and the individuals that they support. Our account management service also offers cloud-based workforce management tools that allow agencies to optimize their billing, schedules and more. No more printed spreadsheets and paper time cards.

Unique Billing & Time Collection Challenges:

Waiver provider organizations that deliver services to individuals with developmental disabilities face unique challenges. Whether they are large or small, these agencies need to fully utilize what the state and counties have financially allocated. If accurate accounting and administrative records and not maintained, provider agencies will struggle. This need for reliable account management services and consistent time collection tools are critical for success.

Without these attributes, even a social service agency with the best attentions, will be unable to provide service and support over the long haul.

Billing's Services for Provider Agencies:

RevUp Billing helps Ohio Medicaid Waiver Providers with:

  • Fix utilization problems.
  • Clarify and document what was billed versus what was authorized.
  • Help provider agencies become fully EVV compliant.
  • Streamline the time-to-billing process & provide digital HPC documentation.
  • Provide account management, time collection & billing services for: supported living, adult day array, NMT and institutional respite.

RevUp Billing also provides account management and billing services for Intermediate Care Facilities for the Developmentally Disabled (ICF/DD).

Medicaid Waiver provider agencies must focus on the needs of the individuals that they serve. Yet, maintaining accurate schedules, processing timecards as well as other documentation is extremely time-consuming. I-DD agencies should focus on delivering quality service and support. Let RevUp Billing handle the account management and workforce management software.
About RevUp Billing

RevUp Billing provides experienced and professional billing and software services for I-DD waiver provider agencies. If you have additional questions about EVV requirements and billing for Ohio provider agencies - contact us.

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Updated from original article published on January 31, 2019

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